Velocity matters

For the last decade plus, the day job has been preaching that performance is an advantage, a feature you need, a technological barrier for those with both inefficient infrastructures and built in resistance to address these issues. You find the latter usually at organizations with purchasing groups that dominate the users and the business owners. […]

A good read on a bootstrapped company

Zoho makes a number of things, including a CRM, that we use. And they are bootstrapped. Like us. There are significant market differences between us and them, but many of the things noted in the article are common truths. If you don’t start with building a real company, you won’t have a real company. The […]

There are times

… when during a support call, we see the magnitude of the self-inflicted damage, and ask ourselves exactly why did they do this to themselves? Today was like this. We do what we can to protect people from the dangerous rapidly moving sharp objects underneath the hood (or boot). We abstract things, tell them not […]

massive unapologetic firepower part 2 … the dashboard …

For Scalable Informatics Unison product. The whole system: Watching writes go by: Note the sustained 40+ GB/s. This is a single rack sinking this data, and no SSDs in the bulk data storage path. This dashboard is part of the day job’s FastPath product. Viewed 109557 times by 10232 viewers

HP to split up

Interesting changes in the corporate M&A or disaggregation arena. With M&A, you are looking to build market strength by acquiring valuable IP, assets, brands, names, teams, capabilities, trade secrets, special sauces, etc. You do that to make your group stronger and more capable of handling the challenges ahead. With a disaggregation, you slice off disparate […]

Shellshock is worse than heartbleed

In part because, well, the patches don’t seem to cover all the exploits. For the gory details, look at the CVE list here. Then cut and paste the local exploits. Even with the latest patched source, built from scratch, there are active working compromises. With heartbleed, all we had to do was nuke keys, patch/update […]