And the 0.8.3 InfluxDB no longer works with the InfluxDB perl module

I ran into this a few weeks ago, and am just getting around to debugging it now. Traced the code, set up a debugger and followed the path of execution, and … and …
Yup, its borked.
So, I can submit a patch or 3 against the InfluxDB code, or roll a simpler more general Time Series Data Base interface that will talk to InfluxDB. And eventually kdb+. Since I wanted to code for that as well, I am looking more seriously at the second option.
This means, in the near term, that is broken. I’ll work a simple interface to it via LWP or Mojo user agents, and will see what we can do from there. But the idea in the longer term is to leverage the db and analytics layer behind a common interface for us, one that won’t break (often).
Of course, the best of all possible worlds would be to figure out how to interface kdb+ as an engine for InfluxDB. It already lets you use a number of them. Had I time I might look at that. Unfortunately, we just ditched the go language from our toolchain (very long story, the language may be fine, but the environment and its ability to put it anywhere in a tree is so completely borked its not funny … even java is easier/less dumb about things), so building it could be a problem for us.

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