turnkey, low cost and high density 1PB usable at 20+ GB/s sustained

Fully turnkey, we’d ship a rack with everything pre-installed/configured. Some de-palletizing required, but its plug and play (power, disks) after that. More details, and a sign up to get a formal quote here.
This would be in 24U of rack space for less than $0.18/raw GB or $0.26/usable GB. Single file system name space, a single mount point. Leverages BeeGFS, and we have VMs to provide CIFS/SMB access, as well as NFS access, in addition to BeeGFS native client.
Oh, and we’ve got S3 object storage native on it as well.
How hard is it to make work:
De-palletize it, slide disks in, plug it in, turn on the manager nodes, run the external config script (via web page, console, serial port) to set up network, password, and other bits. And off you go.
What sort of usable capacity:
960TB in base configuration, scales to many 10s of PB.
What sort of performance:
~20GB/s streaming write performance, similar streaming read performance. Excellent metadata performance. Integrated flash cache for heavy IOP workloads.
What sort of network connectivity:
1GbE, 10GbE, 40GbE, FDR Infiniband. We provide an integrated 40GbE/Infiniband fabric. You may connect the fabric to your 10GbE/40GbE/Infiniband network.
But I already have storage:
No problem, you can add this on, and we have a trade in program. Contact us for more details.
But I need block based storage:
No problem, we provide high performance iSCSI/iSER/FCoE/SRP targets integrated into the unit.
But I need object based storage:
No problem, we include an S3 compatible object storage system.

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