Three years

Its been 3 years to the day since I wrote this. As we’ve been doing before this happened, and after this happened, we are going to a TSO concert on the anniversary of the surgery. Its an affirmation of sorts. I can tell you that 3 years in, it has changed me in some fairly […]

Systemd, and the future of Linux init processing

An interesting thing happened over the last few months and years. Systemd, a replacement init process for Linux, gained more adherents, and supplanted the older style init.d/rc scripting in use by many distributions. Ubuntu famously abandoned init.d style processing in favor of upstart and others in the past, and has been rolling over to systemd. […]

Brings a smile to my face

My soon to be 15 year old daughter was engrossed with something on her laptop yesterday. Thinking it was fan-fiction, I asked her what she was writing. She knitted her brow for a moment, and looked up. “Its code combat Dad.” she said, quite matter of factly. I must have had a slightly startled expression […]

Learning to respect my gut feelings again

A “gut feeling” is, at a deep level, a fundamental sense of something that you can’t necessarily ascribe metrics to, you can’t quantify exactly. Its not always right. Its a subconscious set of facts, ideas, concepts that seem to suggest something below the analytical portion of your mind, and it could bias you into a […]

Starting to come around to the idea that swap in any form, is evil

Here’s the basic theory behind swap space. Memory is expensive, disk is cheap. Only use the faster memory for active things, and aggressively swap out the less used things. This provides a virtual address space larger than physical/logical memory. Great, right? No. Heres why. 1) swap makes the assumption that you can always write/read to […]

#sc14 T-minus 2 days and counting #HPCmatters

On the plane down to NOLA. Going to do booth setup, and then network/machine/demo setup. We’ll have a demo visualfx reel from a customer whom uses Scalable Informatics JackRabbit, DeltaV (and as the result of an upgrade yesterday), Unison. Looking forward to getting everything going, and it will be good to see everyone at the […]

SC14 T minus 6 and counting

Scalable’s booth is #3053. We’ll have some good stuff, demos, talks, and people there. And coffee. Gotta have the coffee. More soon, come by and visit us! Viewed 76885 times by 10925 viewers