#SC14 day 2: @LuceraHQ tops @scalableinfo hardware … with Scalable Info hardware …

Report XTR141111 was just released by STAC Research for the M3 benchmarks. We are absolutely thrilled, as some of our records were bested by newer versions of our hardware with newer software stack. Congratulations to Lucera, STAC Research for getting the results out, and the good folks at McObject for building the underlying database technology.
This result continues and extends Scalable Informatics domination of the STAC M3 results. I’ll check to be sure, but I believe we are now the hardware side of most of the published records.
Whats really cool about this is that you can get this power from Lucera if you don’t want or need to stand up your own kit, from us or our partners if you prefer to stand up your own private cloud, or combinations if you would like to take advantage of all the additional capabilities and functionality Lucera brings to the table.

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