Inventory reduction @scalableinfo

Its that time of year, when the inventory fairies come out and begin their counting. Math isn’t hard, but the day job would like a faster and easier count this year.
So, the day job is working on selling off existing inventory. We have 4 units ready to go out the door to anyone in need of 70-144TB usable storage at 5-6 GB/s per unit. Specs are as follows:

16-24 processor cores
128 GB RAM
48x {2,3,4} TB top mount drives
4x rear mount SSDs (OS/metadata cache)
Scalable OS (Debian Wheezy based Linux OS)
3 year warranty

As this is inventory reduction, the more inventory you take, the happier we are (and the less work that the inventory fairies have to do). We have 4 units to sell off as follows: 2x 72 TB usable, 1x 108 TB usable, and 1x 144 TB usable.
Contact the day job for more info, first come, first served.
And of course, feel free to order many portable PetaBytes!

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