Why doesn’t linkedin make removing a contact easy?

I don’t get this. Yeah, sure, your contacts are curated, and I don’t accept everyone. I need to see some aspect of a connection and be pretty sure they wont spam me personally or try to spam my contacts. So when I find out that this is what happens, I want to block their access […]

Where have you been all my life FFI::Platypus?

Oh my … this is goodness I’ve been missing badly in Perl. Just learned about it this morning. Short version. You want to mix programming languages for implementation of some project. One language makes development of some subset of functions very easy, while another language handles another part very well. You need some sort of […]

Finally, a desktop Linux that just works

I’ve been a user of Linux on the desktop, as my primary desktop, for the last 16 years. In that time, I’ve had laptops with Windows flavors (95, XP, 2000, 7), a MacOSX desktop. Before that, my first laptop I had bought (while working on my thesis) was a triple boot job, with DOS, Windows […]

stateless booting

A problem I’ve been working on dealing with for a while has been the sad … well … no … terrible state of programmatically configured Linux systems, where the state is determined from a central (set of) source(s) via configuration databases, and NOT by local stateful configuration files. Madness lies in wait for those choosing […]

Coraid may be going down

According to The Register. No real differentiation (AoE isn’t that good, and the Seagate/Hitachi network drives are going to completely obviate the need for such things). We once used and sold Coraid to a customer. The linux client side wasn’t stable. iSCSI was coming up and was actually quite a bit better. We moved over […]

Drivers developed largely out of kernel, and infrequently synced

One of the other aspects of what we’ve been doing has been forward porting drivers into newer kernels, fixing the occasional bug, and often rewriting portions to correct interface changes. I’ve found that subsystem vendors seem to prefer to drop code into the kernel very infrequently. Sometimes once every few years are they synced. Which […]

Amusing #fail

I use Mozilla’s thunderbird mail client. For all its faults, it is still the best cross platform email system around. Apple’s mail client is a bad joke and only runs on apple devices (go figure). Linux’s many offerings are open source, portable, and most don’t run well on my Mac laptop. I no longer use […]