Where have you been all my life FFI::Platypus?

Oh my … this is goodness I’ve been missing badly in Perl. Just learned about it this morning.
Short version. You want to mix programming languages for implementation of some project. One language makes development of some subset of functions very easy, while another language handles another part very well. You need some sort of layer to handle this usually, or a way to sanely map. FFI is the concept behind this … and while there is no mention of CORBA or XDR/RPC type things, this is the logical follow-on to these (in their time) ground breaking technologies.
Python has had a mind numbingly simple mechanism for FFI for C code for a while. The ctypes module made using external C libs trivial in the language.
I’d been wanting this for a long time for Perl. And now we have it with FFI::Platypus. We had something … well … roughly like this with the Inline:: modules for a while, but it did XS things, and XS is not to be trifled with. One needs to bring burnt offerings to the deities of XS (yeah, a pun), in order to use it correctly.
But the new library looks to make this very bloody simple. So I need to play with this.
Like a kid in a candy store I am …