Why doesn't linkedin make removing a contact easy?

I don’t get this. Yeah, sure, your contacts are curated, and I don’t accept everyone. I need to see some aspect of a connection and be pretty sure they wont spam me personally or try to spam my contacts.
So when I find out that this is what happens, I want to block their access to me. Which usually means un-connecting with them.
So why does LinkedIn make this effectively impossible on the phone apps? And why is it horrendously hard in their web page? Yeah, its causing me to think about this more than I like.
If someone does something I don’t want them to do, I want full control over the “off” button. But LinkedIn hides this and makes it hard for you to switch it off.
Maybe it makes their algos work harder to reconstruct the graphs?
I dunno. I wish they made a mute button or an off switch for problematic contacts (or ones whom go rogue).