M&A Avago (the LSI acquirers) just bought Emulex

Ok, this is starting to look like someone is buying up the tech behind storage and storage networking on the hardware side. Avago acquired LSI in 2013, and now they’ve done and grabbed Emulex. Emulex has a large FC capability, but I can’t imagine that this is the only reason for this buy. They also […]

influxdb cli queries now with regex

This is the way queries are supposed to work. Note the perl regex in the series name unison> select * from /^usn-ramboot.nettotals.kb(in|out)$/ limit 10 D[23261] Scalable::TSDB::_generate_url; dbquery = ‘select * from /^usn-ramboot.nettotals.kb(in|out)$/ limit 10’ D[23261] Scalable::TSDB::_generate_url; query = ‘p=XXXXXXXX&u=scalable&chunked=1&time_precision=s&q=select%20%2A%20from%20%2F%5Eusn-ramboot.nettotals.kb%28in%7Cout%29%24%2F%20limit%2010’ D[23261] Scalable::TSDB::_generate_url; url = ‘http://localhost:8086/db/unison/series?p=XXXXXXX&u=scalable&chunked=1&time_precision=s&q=select%20%2A%20from%20%2F%5Eusn-ramboot.nettotals.kb%28in%7Cout%29%24%2F%20limit%2010’ D[23261] Scalable::TSDB::_send_chunked_get_query -> reading 0.009837s D[23261] Scalable::TSDB::_send_chunked_get_query -> bytes_received = 530B […]

InfluxDB cli ready for people to play with

The code is on github. Installation should be simple sudo make INSTALLPATH=/path/where/you/want/it It will install any needed Perl modules for you. I’ve reduced the dependency set to LWP::UserAgent, Getopt::Lucid, JSON::PP, and some text processing. As much as I like Mojolicious, the UserAgent was 1/10th the speed of LWP for the same work. Once it is […]

So I finally figured it out

I’d been trying for a while in my spare time to understand why my incredibly simple Perl Mandelbrot test, inspired by the Julia benchmarks, was returning wrong numbers. Yeah, they were wrong. As in incorrect values. So I figured it out this morning. The punchline. There is a bug (which I haven’t quite yet found) […]

love/hate relationship with new hardware

One of the dangers of dealing with newer hardware is often that, it doesn’t work so well. Or the drivers get hosed in mysterious ways. We’ve got some nice shiny new 10GbE cards for a set of Unison systems going into a customer next week. We had some very odd issues with other 10GbE cards, […]

Real measurement is hard

I had hinted at this last week, so I figure I better finish working on this and get it posted already. The previous bit with language choice wakeup was about the cost of Foreign Function Interfaces, and how well they were implemented. For many years I had honestly not looked as closely at Python as […]

When the revolution hits in force …

Our machines will be there, helping power the genomics pipelines to tremendous performance. Performance is an enabling feature. Without it you cannot even begin to hope to perform massive scale analytics. With it, you can dream impossible dreams. This article came out talking about a massive performance analytics pipeline at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio. […]

M&A in our space

The day job’s products have never been stronger, fit together as well, or had as great a story arc as they do today. We can deliver denser, faster, easier to setup and manage systems quite easily. Our application stacks run atop this system on our ample computing power, and we provide massive network pipes in/out, […]