Π day has come

I like Π … apple, cherry, etc.
For those whom don’t get the pun, dates in the US are often written as Month/Day/Year, with year being abbreviated by 2 digits. So with this formatting, today is 3/14/15, or roughly the first 5 digits of Π, which is defined to be the ratio of circumference to diameter of circle on a 2D plane.
You can extend the pun, by noting at 9:26.53 it is “more precise”.
It is generally nonsensical, but its a fun excuse to make/get a pie and share it with family/friends.
We had a peach Π at the office yesterday. Yum!
For what its worth, I prefer a different date format, day-Month_name-Year, and its rather hard there to get to Π day, so I am going to borrow this one and enjoy it with the family.