My vote for most awesome Mac OSX software

Karabiner If you switch back and forth between Linux and Mac on same keyboard, this is an absolute must have.
From my perspective, the keys in Mac are horribly borked. Home and End do not do what I expect. Control-Anything doesn’t work except in exceptional cases. iTerm2 (also very good Mac software) largely does the right thing on its own, but the keyboard side of MacOSX is basically borked. This lets you unbork it.
That is huge. I’ve been looking for this for years. The page that pointed me to it is here. My google-fu must not have been good in the past, as this is the first time I’d seen this …
What brought this about was sheer frustration at hitting the home key, expecting it to go to the beginning of the paragraph/line in Keynote, and watching it, insanely, go to the beginning of the file. And the same thing with end, though this time to the end of the file.
Seriously, this tool unborks that-which-was-borked.