Scalable Informatics customer Milford Film and Animation does awesome projects

Its nice to hear success stories from our customers. In this case, our friends and customers at Milford Film and Animation have been using our systems for a number of years to provide the basis for their storage efforts.
Their systems are very computationally, network, and IO intensive. There is a tremendous amount of rendering, editing, and many other things that require absolutely the highest performance you can get in a dense package. Our goal is to make the storage aspect not something they ever need to think about. Make sure it is as performant and reliable as possible.
So we do. And here is an example of their work.

You may have seen other examples of their work at our booth at SC14. A fantastic customer, a terrific use case.
Imagine what we can do for anyone in this space … Our systems run near peak performance an efficiency on a continuous basis for long duration of intensive use. We help our customers be successful … we need them to be successful. And we’ll pull out the stops to make sure that they are, that our kit and capabilities contribute to their success. The rest is up to them.
As you can see from the clip, and the other bits they have, Milford is a wonderful and creative partner to work with. I wish we had many more like them!

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