The worlds fastest hyper-converged appliance is faster and more affordable than ever

This is a very exciting hyper-converged system, representing our next generation of time series, and big data analytical systems. Tremendous internal bandwidths coupled with massive internal parallelism, and minimal latency design on networks. This unit has been designed to focus upon delivering the maximal performance possible in an as minimal footprint … both rack based and cost wise … as possible.
You can use these as independent stand alone units, integrate them into a larger FastPath Unison system
We have our software stack (SIOS) integrated onto each unit, and include our builds of Python + Pandas/SciPy/NumPy, R, and Perl. We pre-install and configure Kx’s excellent kdb+ (32 bit version, and provide a 64 bit install, though you will need to get your own license file), and InfluxDB ( with our interface to it ( That interface will soon be able to speak to many databases and help you do ETL and other data motion/transformational operations across multiple platforms. The units all include our sios-metrics tools ( for monitoring.
We’ve sold a number of these units in recent days. Looking to bring one with me to HPC on Wall Street next month (might be the 4U 48 bay version though).
Its a very exciting time right now, lots of good things happening. More soon … I promise.