M&A: Convey snapped up by Micron

Rich at InsideHPC has the story.
There is a good fit for Micron, as they are rapidly turning into one of the stronger players in the space.
As I had noted, the storage OEMs are either buying into vertical integration or partnering to make it happen. Convey is actually a natural fit given other of Micron’s projects.
The big question is, for the OEMs not going this route, or waiting to go this route, will that strategy work? Is it better to wait or to get an early foothold? Convey represents a very interesting set of technologies applicable to a tightly integrated/hyperconverged stack. As SanDisk demonstrated recently flash storage as a costly appliance may be over. They want to see demand grow, sharply, to help them fund the next generation of storage fabs. The storage OEMs know how to do this in general, but have large “cash cow” sales that they don’t want to disrupt. And at the same time, they need to plan for the eventual disruption. Convey does represent Micron jumping into this more firmly. Seagate has, as well as WD/HGST. Intel has moved up-stack with a file system.
I expect this sort of change to continue in earnest, with likely (many) more M&A on the near horizon.

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