Thoughts on a Thursday

We’ve been doing the startup thing for a hair under 13 years now. Most of the time we’ve been self funded, and recently we took a small investment in a friends and family round ( link here). What occurs to me, after we soft announced our 100GbE results via a Mellanox PR today, is that […]

Interesting conversation with a customer about our siRouter

They are turning their SDN concept into one of the most incredible technologies around, a tremendous competitive advantage for them over others in their space. I had been under the impression that they were running everything on their (quite awesome) 10/40GbE switches. These are SDN capable switches from a very well funded SDN switch startup. […]

Our 100GbE flash storage appliance benchmarks discussed

See the PR bit here ( for the link impaired) This is a Unison Ceph appliance ( ) and they are available and shipping now. Please reach out to us if you’d like to discuss. And yes, this is the world’s first 100GbE storage appliance, or storage server SAN device if you prefer. Easily […]

Day job is hiring

Business development/sales role for now. See here (url: in case you don’t see the link) for more details. Prefer New York, Chicago, Boston, or nearby. No relocation. Viewed 67041 times by 4329 viewers

SIOS v2.0 running pxe booted

Our SIOS (Linux based OS, usually based upon Debian) has just been updated for jessie (Debian 8). This was necessary to support rkt, docker, etc. in addition to our other bits. Its been cooking in the background for a while, for, as you might have noticed from my posting frequency, I’ve been busy. But we […]

M&A: Avago grabbed Broadcom, Intel grabs Altera

Avago continues its acquisition spree. Broadcom (network chipsets and NPUs, CPUs, etc.). This is looking like a more integrated semiconductor IP play here. They grabbed LSI, and shed the non-chippery bits. They grabbed PLX. And Emulex. As they say, curiouser and curiouser. This makes perfect sense to me, and given the other acquisition announced today, […]