Insanely awesome project and product

This is one of Scalable Informatics FastPath Unison systems, well the bottom part. The top are clients we are using to test with.

Each of the servers at the bottom is a 4U with 54 physical 2.5 inch 6g/12g SAS or SATA SSDs. We have 5 of these units in the picture. And a number of SSDs on the way to fill them up. Think 0.2PB usable of flash. Distributed in a very nice parallel file system we work quite a bit with.
The network (not shown, ignore the cat6 spaghetti on the sides … need to talk with the team about this) should be some bloody fast stuff that lets us drive the servers at or near their theoretical max bandwidth … that is, its very well matched to these units.
More soon. This is just insanely exciting stuff. Capability class to an insane degree.