Baidu attack deflection

So Baidu’s web crawler is broken. Makes the bad old days of bing bot look positively benign. Wasn’t pushing much load, but lots of log spam and it showed signs of increasing over time. So, out comes the ban hammer. Then I thought, why not report their broken bot to them. Should be as simple […]

M&A or more correctly, acqui-hire: Cray bags much of Terascala

Terascala appears to have been disassembled, with much of the team going to Cray. Terascala started out selling internally developed storage appliances for Lustre. They developed deployment, monitoring, and management tools. Their UI was reasonably good. Then they struck up a deal with Dell and a few others. In doing so, they largely stopped their […]

Potential M&A: Micron being pursued

I was heads down all day yesterday working on a few things. Apparently this is widely known now, but I saw it late last night. Micron is being pursued by a group affiliated with Tsinghua University. There is a political angle to this group, as they are connected to the government through their management. Why […]

Fixing Baidu’s broken search bot

It seems that the bot was generating some effectively random broken URLs. Or maybe not so random. I saw endpoints in the logs that haven’t been in use for at least 7 years. I can’t imagine this was simply a harmless bug, as much as … maybe? … a search for moved/renamed endpoints? As the […]

Most of our traffic on the day job site now comes from Baidu

Well, their web crawler. Way way back in the day, I complained about broken bing-bots. This was 8 years ago. Bing was fairly crappy at crawling, and seems to have improved. Google is still the lightest touch. Least impactful. Deeply in the traffic noise. Not Baidu. There bot is, for lack of a better term, […]

Imitation and repetition is a sincere form of flattery

A few years ago, we demonstrated some truly awesome capability in single racks and on single machines. We had one of our units (now at a customer site), specifically the unit that set all those STAC M3 records, showing this: and a rack of our units (now providing high performance cloud service at a customer […]

Portable PetaByte systems update

As a reminder, the day job has 1PB dense and fast (20GB/s and above)storage systems available for about $0.25/GB fully supported, delivered, and installed. All you need to provide is power and a network connection. I should note that we’ve delivered all flash versions of these as well as hybrid versions for various use cases. […]