Are the wheels coming off?

From Term Sheet (required reading BTW) Since landing in San Francisco on Wednesday afternoon, I’ve met with an assortment of senior venture capitalists, bankers, entrepreneurs and crossover investors. All of them have, in one way or another, been involved with so-called ‘unicorn’ companies. As in the past, they are nearly unanimous in sentiment. The difference […]

possible M&A: Dell and EMC?

Story is here. Not sure this is a great tie up … EMC has lots of things Dell doesn’t need (and vice versa). Possibly parts of EMC (secession from the federation?) with Dell. I can’t imagine VMware wanting to tie up with one vendor. Nor Pivotal, etc. This said, Cisco pulled out of the venture […]

End days must be on hand … Perl 6 is out

see for more details. I’d love to find a valid reason to play with it, but my near term foci are going to remain our current code base in Perl/C, nodejs for a few things, Julia/R for analysis. The joke about Perl 6 shipping by Christmas is now over … as the correct response has […]

M&A: Cleversafe is snarfed up by IBM

Cleversafe was acquired by IBM. Looks like 200 people making their way over. This is huge, as now Scality is basically the last independent standing, and I am guessing they won’t be alone for long. Viewed 21715 times by 2703 viewers