The end of java in the browser

Coming soon. Mozilla is turning off NPAPI support at the end of next year. Java and java applets rely upon NPAPI to work. Needless to say, Java support in the browser is going to end.
While this is good news, they are still going to allow flash. Which is less good.
What is interesting about this, is that this sunsets support for many of the remote console applications that depend upon Java (for the moment) to provide KVM like capabilities. Having dealt with the many … really many … bugs in these, I usually just drop to serial console over IPMI these days. Less buggy.
But this will require some rethinking on many of the remote console applications part. They could simply say “use our app instead of a browser”, though that would be a massive step backwards. Imagine, one app per system type and vendor. Its enough to drive you batty.