Shiny #HPC #storage things at #SC15

Assuming everything goes as planned (HA!) we should have a number of very cool things at SC15.

100Gb is awesome. The first time I ran an iperf bidirectional test, saw 20GB/s … it blew me away. 40/56GbE is old hat now, and 10GbE is in the rapidly receding past. If you aren’t at 40/56GbE or IB now, and planning for 100Gb you are definitely behind the times. If you are at 10 and look at 40Gb as a core switch tech … well … you should probably rethink that position.
Not only is it awesome, it is not expensive. Talk to us (booth 580) if you want to know more. I am not talking about perceived TCO value, I am talking acquisition cost.
Forte. You will hear more about this very soon. A teaser though: My test on a partial (literally a fractional) configuration in a customer usable config two days ago netted a sustained 2.4M IOPs. Full configuration will be available on show floor, and it represents the massive unapologetic firepower you’ve come to expect from us.
Combine that with the price points (will announce at show) … yeah, this is a very awesome system. You’ll see. We are taking pre-orders at the show. See the booth for details on the offer.

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