Nutanix files for IPO

Short story here. I am not going to pour over their S-1 form to find interesting tidbits, others will do that, and are paid to do so. They are the first of several, though I had thought that Dell would acquire them before they hit IPO. I am guessing that the combination of the price […]

Toshiba contemplating spinning out NAND flash

This is remarkable if true, and if they follow through with it, it will change the landscape of Flash quite a bit. Right now there are 43 major flash providers, and a few smaller ones. Building flash fabs is expensive, even given the demand and process improvements, there is still quite a bit of investment […]

Google GMail is broken, not passing emails, losing others

Yeah, the headline says it all. The reason I rolled to GMail (and am paying for it for each user and then some) for the corporate services was, well, they promised to make running email easy, painless, and I wouldn’t have to worry about email management any more. Now I have to worry about pissed […]

M&A: NetApp grabs SolidFire

This one has been in the rumor mill for a while. NetApp has been needing something to play well in the all flash array space, and it now has something. This said, the array space is very much on the decline certainly with respect to dumb JBODs and smart “filer heads”. That design is being […]

Good read on market sizing for VCs and entrepreneurs

Not a how to guide, but a higher level meta discussion … about that market size discussion. See here. I’ve experienced the endless cycle of meetings over “size of market”. Not fun. These days, I have a very simple classifier with respect to investors. foreach investor (list_of_investors) { if (investor->says_yes_sends_term_sheet_and_check) { put_money_to_work_building_value() } else { […]

Bots on Amazon?

Seeing lots of these in my web server logs: which are sent there from a sentinel redirection mechanism on a different web server. A number, maybe 10 or so? Amazon hosts are now doing this. I am guessing this would be real darned easy to trace back to the sources. And either someone’s instance […]

#Perl6 compiler betas are ready

Ok … I am … well … blown away. I had thought Perl6 would be the Duke Nukem forever of programming languages. Indeed, it has been in active development for more than a decade. But you can download compilers (yes, you heard me right, compilers) for it now. You might say “why perl” or “why […]