Nutanix files for IPO

Short story here. I am not going to pour over their S-1 form to find interesting tidbits, others will do that, and are paid to do so.
They are the first of several, though I had thought that Dell would acquire them before they hit IPO. I am guessing that the combination of the price for them, plus the EMC acquisition stopped this conversation. So now Nutanix is going to IPO.
Nutanix is a software stack upon generic hardware. The hardware is usually lacklustre (original appliances being low/midrange supermicro gear, “newer” appliances being mostly Dell boxen).
Real hyperconvergence is hardware designed with as few barriers as possible to data motion and performance. pseudo-HCI is a software stack upon generic hardware. HC systems require very high performance, and very few barriers throughout the entire stack … you simply cannot slap random software on random hardware and hope for the best, as the architectural elements you ignored will usually be the first ones to bite you hard when you start pressing this under load.
Hyperconverged is well architected hardware and software. Anything else is marketing.

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  1. I’m sorry, but trying to tweak definitions so that only good implementations qualify seems more like marketing to me. “Bad hyperconverged” is a legitimate category, ontologically speaking. AFAICT Nutanix really is hyperconverged, even if their implementation is poor (couldn’t say) or some of their other claims/promises have turned out to be false (definitely the case). Trying to deny their membership in the category seems like just a way to preserve the value of your own marketing message.

    • Hmmm … no one trying to deny “membership” in a category. I was pointing out that the intrinsic tight coupling between high performance infrastructure was necessary for real hyperconvergence. This has been a point we’ve been making for the last decade (predating the “newer” definitions) with our tightly coupled design and discussions.
      This whole discussion reminds me of the grid marketing wars a number of years ago, where everyone wanted to slap a moniker of “grid” or “utility” or what not on their product. We see it now with “cloud”. Its the marketing groups desire to be part of the latest greatest buzzwords in many cases.
      Nutanix may be successful with their brand of HCI on random collections of hardware. Or they might not be. Time will tell.

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