Radio Free HPC is (as usual) worth a listen

Good wrap up of last years trends, this week at InsideHPC Radio Free HPC podcast. We get a small mention around 10:50 or so. Thats not why its an especially good listen. The team arrived at many of the same conclusions we did last year, which is why we brought out Forte, and we have […]

“Unexpected” cloud storage retrieval charges, or “RTFM”

An article appeared on HN this morning. In it, the author noted that all was not well with the universe, as their backup, using Amazon’s Glacier product, wound up being quite expensive for a small backup/restore. The OP discovered some of the issues with Glacier when they began the restore (not commenting on performance, merely […]

Container jutsu

Linux containers are all the rage, with Docker, rkt, lxd, etc. all in market to various degrees. You have companies like Docker, CoreOS, and Rancher all vying for mindshare, not to mention some of the plumbing bits by google and many others. I don’t think they are a fad, there is much that is good […]

Hard filtering of calls

I find that, over time, my cell phone number has propagated out to spammers/scammers whom want to call me up to sell me something. The US national do-not-call registry hasn’t helped. The complaints I’ve filed haven’t helped. So I filter. My filtering algo looks like this: if (number_is_known_person_or_org(phone_number)) { take_call_if_possible(); else if (number_is_unknown(phone_number)) { filter_stage_2(phone_number) […]