SIOS-metrics being updated soon with our process table sampler

I needed to look at processes on the machine I’d been spending time debugging, in terms of what was running, what the state, the allocations, the IO, etc. Something was causing a hard panic, and it seemed correlated with an application issue. I didn’t have a process space sampler, so I wrote one. Takes one […]

Ways to not reach me

I’ve implemented a very strict policy for inbound phone calls. If I don’t recognize the number it goes to voicemail. If its important enough to call me, its important enough to leave me a message. If a call comes in with an unknown number, I won’t answer it. It can go through to voicemail. If […]

VC landscape changing: Intel Capital on the market

Saw this in a post on VentureBeat. Intel Capital has been an important player in the space for a while. What happens next to them is worth paying attention to. They’ve been in the thick of many interesting companies, though usually outside of Intel’s core foci. Somewhat beyond the normal corporate strategic VC roles. This […]