VC landscape changing: Intel Capital on the market

Saw this in a post on VentureBeat. Intel Capital has been an important player in the space for a while. What happens next to them is worth paying attention to.
They’ve been in the thick of many interesting companies, though usually outside of Intel’s core foci. Somewhat beyond the normal corporate strategic VC roles.
This could change a number of things for startups … new and existing. VCs have been sitting on the sidelines, or being less active over the recent past, and this is likely not to help the situation.
Other VCs and PE shops have been marking down the valuations of their holdings. A recent joke I heard asks what is the name of a unicorn (billion dollar plus valuation on last raise) that falls under a billion valuation … the answer being a narwhal.
Gallows humor, but startups need to worry about VC landscape changes.

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