Talk from #Kxcon2016 on #HPC #Storage for #BigData analytics is up

See here, which was largely about how to architect high performance analytics platforms, and a specific shout out to our Forte NVMe flash unit, which is currently available in volume starting at $1 USD/GB.
Some of the more interesting results from our testing:

  • 24GB/s bandwidth largely insensitive to block size.
  • 5+ Million IOPs random IO (5+MIOPs) sensitive to block size.
  • 4k random read (100%) were well north of 5M IOPs.
  • 8k random read were well north of 2M IOPs.

Over a single 100Gb IB connection with our standard PFS BeeGFS running, we sustained 11.6 GB/s and 11.8 GB/s write and read bandwidth respectively.