Ah Gmail … losing more emails

So … my wife and I have private gmail addresses. Not related to the day job. She sends me an email from there. It never arrives.
Gmail to gmail.
Not in the spam folder.
But to gmail.
So I have her send it to this machine.
Gets here right away.
We moved the day job’s support email address off gmail (its just a reflector now) into the same tech running inside our FW. Because it was losing mail, pissing off customers.
Though in one of those cases, the customer had a “best practice” rule (read as: a random rule implemented without a compelling real problem that it “solved”, or risk it “reduced” … e.g. it was a fad, and a bad one at that, that likely caught MANY vendors up in it) that also messed with email.
Its not that this is getting old. Its that I am now actively looking at Gmail based mail as a risk to be mitigated. As mail gets lost. With no logs to trace what happened.
So … do I want to spend the time to manage our own mail, or do I want to continue to lose mail? That is the business question. What is the value of the lost mail, or lost good-will due to the lost mail?