That was fun … no wait … the other thing … not fun

Long overdue update of the server this blog runs on. It is no longer running a Ubuntu flavor, but instead running SIOSv2 which is the same appliance operating system that powers our products.
This isn’t specifically a case of eating our own dog-food, but more a case that Ubuntu, even the LTS versions, have a specific sell by date, and it is often very hard to update to the newer revs. I know, I know … they have this nice, friendly, upgrade me button on their updater. So its “easy”. I could quote Inigo Montoya here
Ok, so roll in SIOSv2. Based upon Debian 8.x (there is a RHEL/CentOS version, but I am moving away from deploying those by default unless there is a customer request behind it, due to the extra effort in making everything work right. I might post on that sometime soon. Flip the OS disks. Reboot. Configure the network. Start up the VM.
The VM required I import the disk and create a new config for it. In this way, I really wish virsh behaved the same as the VM system on SmartOS. For a number of reasons this unit couldn’t be a SmartOS box.
Ok. Had to fix the VM. Took about 10 minutes and done. Now name services and other things work. Yay.
Ok. Now install nginx and other bits for the blog. See, this is where containers would come in handy … and this unit is prepped and ready to go with two different container stacks (depending upon how I want to configure it later). But for the moment, we are building this as a monolith, with the idea of making it a microbox server later.
Install mysql and some php oddity, because WordPress.
Find my daily DB dump, import it, light up the blog and …
Everything is gone. Database connection error.

Look at the DB dump. Looks a little small. Look for the blog stuff it it.
Ok … what happened?
Didn’t I see some mysql error on a table a while ago? One I don’t use anymore in the blog? One that was corrupt?
Could that have blorked the dump?
Swap back to the old boot drives. Bring it up. Run mysqlcheck.
Sure enough, 1 broken table.
Ok, lets fix it.
#insert "sounds_of_birds_and_crickets_chirping.h"
A while later, I redo the dump.
The 75MB file is now a 3.9GB file.
Yeah, was missing some data.
Grrrr… Bad mysql … Bad ….
Swap boot drives. Restart. Reimport. Rinse.
No repeat.
And it works.