Build me a big data analysis room

This was the request that showed up on our doorstep. A room. Not a system. But a room. Visions of the Star Trek NG bridge came to mind. Then the old SGI power wall … 7 meters wide by 2 meters high, driven by an awesomely powerful Onyx system (now underpowered compared to a good […]

A good read on realities behind cloud computing

In this article on the venerable Next Platform site, Addison Snell makes a case against some of the presumed truths of cloud computing. One of the points he makes is specifically something we run into all the time with customers, and yet this particular untruth isn’t really being reported the way our customers look at […]

Running conditioning on 4x Forte #HPC #NVMe #storage units

This is our conditioning pass to get the units to stable state for block allocations. We run a number of fill passes over the units. Each pass takes around 42 minutes for the denser units, 21 minutes for the less dense ones. After a few passes, we hit a nice equilibrium, and performance is more […]

Amazing statistics

In the last year, this has been what this blog has seen for visitors/viewers and page views. 188,654 (unique) visitors 2,572,665 page views I am … humbled … Viewed 27387 times by 3213 viewers

Aquila launches Aquarius

Story is here, at the always excellent InsideHPC site. Scroll the linked page on Aquarius to see some of their tech and their partners … Congrats guys! Great job! Viewed 29445 times by 3212 viewers

New #HPC #storage configs for #bigdata , up to 16PB at 160GB/s

This is an update to Scalable Informatics “portable petabyte” offering. Basically, from 1 to 16PB of usable space, distributed and mirrored metadata, high performance (100Gb) network fabric, we’ve got a very dense, very fast system available now, at a very aggressive price point (starting configs around $0.20/GB). Batteries included … long on features, functionality, performance. […]