Fully RAMdisk booted CentOS 7.2 based SIOS image for #HPC , #bigdata , #storage etc.

This is something we’ve been working on for a while … a completely clean, as baseline a distro as possible, version of our SIOS RAMdisk image using CentOS (and by extension, Red Hat … just need to point to those repositories). And its available to pull down and use as you wish from our download site.
Ok, so what does it do?
It boots an entire OS, into RAM.
No disks to manage and worry over.
No configuration drift.
You can run ansible, puppet, cloud-init, kvm, gluster, … etc. Already communicates over serial console by default, though you can complete control over that. Default password is randomly generated, though you can override it at boot time with an option.
Currently fits in 1.8 GB RAM, though with work, we can trim this down a bit.
We boot VMs, physical machines, etc. with this.
By default it will try to bring up the first 4 networks, dhcping the ones that show a carrier after bringing the interface up. If your switch is not configured for portfast, you should be ashamed, and fix that. This way, the system doesn’t waste time waiting for switch ports to come up. And only dhcps on active ports (eliminating delays for dhcp start on ports that have no connections).
We’ll have SIOS images with a number of other tools up soon as well.
Note: For copyright/trademark purposes, this is NOT CentOS or Red Hat. You should not confuse this image, built from CentOS binaries, as being CentOS or Red Hat. It is an instance of an installation, in such a way as to run entirely out of RAM.
Includes full RDMA stack, latest rev CentOS kernel.
Give it a whirl, let me know how it goes. More tools coming to this directory tree very soon. Stay tuned!