New #HPC #storage configs for #bigdata , up to 16PB at 160GB/s

This is an update to Scalable Informatics “portable petabyte” offering. Basically, from 1 to 16PB of usable space, distributed and mirrored metadata, high performance (100Gb) network fabric, we’ve got a very dense, very fast system available now, at a very aggressive price point (starting configs around $0.20/GB).
Batteries included … long on features, functionality, performance. Short on cost.
We are leveraging the denser spinning rust drives (SRD), as well as a number of storage technologies that we’ve built or integrated into the systems. The systems provide parallel file systems, Amazon S3 objects, common block storage formats, simultaneously.
See the page ( for more details. Happy to answer questions or discuss this in depth. Reach out to me at the day job.