On closure

I work with many people, have regular email and phone contact with them, as well as occasional face to face meetings. We talk ideas back and forth, develop plans. I work on designs, coordinating everything that goes into those designs (usually built upon our kit). I work hard on my proposals, thinking many things through, […]

Inventory reduction event at the day job

We’ve got 3x Unison (https://scalableinformatics.com/unison) and 1x cadence (https://scalableinformatics.com/cadence) system that we need to clear out. The Unison machines are 5-7GB/s each, and the Cadence is 10-20GB/s and 200-600k IOPs (depending upon storage configuration). More info by emailing me. Everything is on a first come, first served basis, feel free to reach out if you’d […]