A nice shout out in ComputerWeekly.com about @scalableinfo #HPC #storage

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Surely though, widespread adoption is just a matter of time. With its PCIe connectivity, literally slotting in, NVMe offers the ability to push hyper-converged utility and scalability to wider sets of use cases than currently.
There are some vendors that focus on their NVMe/hyper-converged products, such X-IO (Axellio), Scalable Informatics, and DataON, but NVMe as standard in hyper-converged is almost certainly a trend waiting to happen.

They mention Axellio, and on The Reg article on their ISE product, they say “X-IO partners using Axellio will be able to compete with DSSD, Mangstor and Zstor and offer what EMC has characterised as face-melting performance.”
Hey, we were the first to come up with “face melting performance”. More than a year ago. And it really wasn’t us, but my buddy Dr. James Cuff of Harvard.

For the record, we started shipping the Forte units in 2015. We’ve got a beautiful design for v2 of them as well.
This said, Dataon is in a different market, and XIO is about a very different use case, more similar to Nutanix and now HPE’s Simplivity than the use case we imagined.