Brings a smile to my face … #BioIT #HPC accelerator

Way way back in the early aughts (2000’s), we had built a set of designs for an accelerator system to speed up things like BLAST, HMMer, and other codes. We were told that no one would buy such things, as the software layer was good enough and people didn’t want black boxes. This was part of an overall accelerator strategy that we had put together at the time, and were seeking to raise capital to build. We were thinking that by 2013 or so, that accelerators would become a noticeable fraction of the total computing power for HPC and beyond.
Fast forward to today. I saw this.
Yet another idea/concept/system validated. It looks like our only real big miss was the “muscular desktops” concept … big fast processors, memory, storage, accelerators next to desks. Everything else, from accelerators, to clouds, to … everything … we were spot on.
I hope they don’t mind my smiling at this, and tipping my hat to them. Good show folks, may you sell many many of them!