Best comment I've seen in a bug report about a tool

So … gnome-terminal has been my standard cli interface on linux GUIs for a while. I can’t bring myself to use KDE for any number of reasons. Gnome itself went in strange directions, so I’ve been using Cinnamon atop Mint and Debian 8.
Ok, Debian 8. Gnome-terminal. Some things missing when you right mouse button click. Like “open new tab”. Open new window is there. This works. But no tab entry. Its been there, like … forever.
What happened to it?
Google google google, and I find this page. This page has a comment on it, where the person commenting must have been dead-panning.

The only explanation for removing the menu item “File/Open Tab” is, that maintainers of gnome-terminal do not use Gnome terminal themselves. Also in 3.18.3 (Ubuntu 16.04) if I expand the terminal size to maximum (double click on the menu bar) it would not return back to its previous size when double clicked again.

Yeah … this may sum it up.
Looking at this, I get a sense of “lets remove something from the code base to simplify things. Wait, it was useful? Who uses this?”
I dunno … everybody?
Cinnamon is the fork of Gnome I use, as it is usable (as compared to the main branch). Most of my desktops are Linux Mint, but for a number of reasons, I need to have this environment be nearly identical to servers I build, hence the same base distro. Which also means I get to see some of the crazy changes people make to code, in the interests of being “better”. With often the exact opposite effect.
Serious #headpalm and #headdesk on this.
If you are going to change someone’s UI/UX/workflow, make sure it is a meaningful/useful change. Change for changes sake … is not good.