Now for your bidding pleasure, the contents of one company

This is an on-going process I won’t comment on, other than to provide a link to the bidding site.
There are numerous cool items in there.

  • Lot 2-57207: a 64 bay siFlash/Cadence machine with 64x 400GB SAS SSDs.
    Fully operational, SSDs very lightly used, extraordinarily fast unit.
  • Lot 2-57215: 2 mac minis (one was my desktop unit)
  • Lot 2-57216: My old Macbook pro, 750 GB SSD, 16 GB ram, NVidia gfx
  • Lot 2-57081: Mac pro tower unit
  • Lot 2-57232: a bunch of awesome monitors
  • Lot 2-57222: Mini 24U rack with PDUs
  • Lot 2-57015: Supermicro Twin 2U system (5 others just like it)
  • Lot 2-57100: a 40 core 256GB testbed machine

And many other computer systems, parts, etc. Full Unison, JackRabbit, siFlash units (bid what you want for them). Multiple laptops. Many chassis with backplanes. These are the systems that destroyed old records and set very hard to beat new ones. Available now.
Literally the physical asset contents of a business. If you don’t see something there you want, just ask, happy to see if they have bundled things together that maybe should be separate.
If you want to talk about purchasing ip assets, they are also for sale, but not at repocast. Reach out to me directly at joe _dot_ landman at the google mail _dot_ com address.
While this does make me sad, to see this pathway in process, it is a necessary step along the way. I’ve moved on. Hopefully these assets can help someone else with their needs.