I’ve had numerous requests from friends and colleagues about whether I will be attending #SC17 this year. Sadly, this is not to be the case. $dayjob has me attending an onsite meeting that week in San Francisco, and the schedule was such that I could not attend the talks I was interested in.

I’d love for there to be a way to listen to the talks remotely. Maybe I’ll simply buy the DVD/USB stick of the talks if there is an online store for them.

Next year at #SC18 in Dallas if possible.

Enjoy, have fun @BeowulfBash, and please tweet/post what you see and hear.

And, for those whom are not aware of some of the most awesome hardware out there for big data analytics and deep learning, have a look at @thedeadline and Basement Supercomputing. Best in market, designed and built by people who know how to use the machines, what they are used for and why.

(unpaid/uncompensated endorsement … get out and support the small HPC guys, the ones who actually know what they are doing).

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