So I've got ideas for two businesses

Neither one is a computer related. Both are based upon what I see as unmet needs for various groups. One is a definitely “gotta have” for one group. The other group, there is one “solution” on the market that I looked at, and it’s pretty pathetic. The other uses technology where it should be using chemistry, as the tech is simply way too expensive for mass use, and quite inflexible. Both are B2C.
This said, given how horribly bad the previous business blew up, I’ll freely admit I am reluctant to do this again.
I’ll cogitate on this for a while.

1 thought on “So I've got ideas for two businesses”

  1. All the environments into which you will pull data… sigh… And then students pick it up as the next big thing… And we vaguebook because this matches so many things.

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