A bug in s3 buckets with no apparent way to request support to deal with it

This is a fun one, I’ve been playing with for the last 5 days or so. I’m helping someone out with backups, and they changed their mind on what they wanted backed up. So I started deleting the backups they didn’t want.

One of the machines contained a set of directories for hashdeep which includes a number of test cases. One set of test cases are deeply linked directories.

So, the aws s3 cp /localpath s3://yadda/yadda --recursive copied this and many other files up to the bucket.

Ok. They are there.

Now, we want to delete the bucket. So we have to empty the bucket first.

aws s3 rb s3://yadda/yadda --force makes an incredible number of API calls and seems to get stuck in the deeply nested directories.

The web page version can’t even tell me how many objects exist, or allow me to delete them (with root access for this particular account).

Fine. Seems like an obvious question to ask support.

But … but … as this is the “basic” level of AWS, you don’t get to ask support questions by opening a case file.

Yes, seriously.

So there is a bug in S3. That I can’t open a case for. Without paying them money to bump me to the next level of support.

#headdesk .

I can’t be the only one with this issue. And I don’t really care if it is in aws cli tool, or S3 itself. It doesn’t matter, as the web page has the same issue.

This. Is. Insanity.