Note to self: have only one blog VM running

Yeah … this was a fun one. Because I only recently started using a holistic VM management/control plane for my home machines, I didn’t notice that I had 2 VMs of the blog running.

I was doing some surgery to fix something, then tailed the logs … and didn’t see the traffic.

Took me a little sanity checking, like, a quick poweroff and forcefully refreshing the page. Since the DB is on a different machine, the blog frontends were acting independently.

Basically the switch was doing the right thing, and caching the path to the VM sitting on one machine. Which would flip over to the other machine. And back again.

Musta been doing this for a while. Once I turned off the extra VM, the blog control plane started behaving correctly. Again.

Here it was virt-manager and remote machine management for the win. And likely a too much blood in the caffeine stream issue on my part, when I managed to create this monstrosity.

Bad Joe. Bad … bad Joe.

[goes and gets more coffee]