When you see someone deploying a business model very similar to one you had developed on your own …

I learned today, of the HPE Greenlake flex system. It has a nice infographic which describes it. What struck me, was that this was a model very similar to something I had worked on in 2014-2015, that I had been trying to raise capital to execute against, at Scalable Informatics (RIP).

The question the VCs put to us was, will this model work. My model had a number of different elements to this, in the sense that this is a smaller version of what I had envisioned. We modeled a number of scenarios, and the worst case one was still strong growth. We just needed a VC with guts.

According to anecdotal reporting, it is doing reasonably well. I don’t have firm numbers for its growth, so I can’t really talk to it.

But, I guess, this continues my fairly unbroken string of great ideas that I could not raise capital to make happen. Others could for various reasons.