I don't agree with everything he wrote about systemd, but he isn't wrong on a fair amount of it

Systemd has taken the linux world by storm. Replacing 20-ish year old init style processing for a more legitimate control plane, and replacing it with a centralized resource to handle this control. There are many things to like within it, such as the granularity of control. But there are any number of things that are … Read more

You can't win

Like that old joke about the patient going to the Doctor for a pain … Patient: Doctor, it hurts when I do this (does some action which hurts) Doctor: Don’t do it then Imagine if you will, a patient whom, after being told what is wrong, and why it hurts, and what to do about … Read more

The joys of automated tooling … or … catching changes in upstream projects workflows by errors in yours

We have an automated build process for our boot images. It is actually quite good, allowing us to easily integrate many different capabilities with it. These capabilities are usually encapsulated in various software stacks that provide specific functionality. Most of these stacks follow pretty well defined workflows. For a number of reasons, we find building … Read more

Massive unapologetic storage firepower part 4: On the test track with a Forte unit … vaaaaROOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!

I am trying to help people conceptualize the experience. Here is a video depicting very fast, very powerful cars and their sound signatures. This is a good start. Take one of those awesome machines, and turn off half the engine. So it is literally running with 1/2 of its power turned off. Remember this. There … Read more

When infinite resources aren't, and why software assumes they are infinite

We’ve got customers with very large resource machines. And software that sees all those resources and goes “gimme!!!!”. So people run. And then more people use it. And more runs. Until the resources are exhausted. And hilarity (of the bad kind) ensues. These are firedrills. I get an open ticket that “there must be something … Read more