Interesting Q1 so far for day job

Our Q1 is usually quiet, fairly low key. Not this one. Looks like lots of pent up demand. We are deep into record territory, running 200+% of normal, with possibility of more. Another new wrinkle is that our small investment round is mostly complete. This is new territory for us, and you may have noticed … Read more Interesting Q1 so far for day job

M&A in our space

The day job’s products have never been stronger, fit together as well, or had as great a story arc as they do today. We can deliver denser, faster, easier to setup and manage systems quite easily. Our application stacks run atop this system on our ample computing power, and we provide massive network pipes in/out, … Read more M&A in our space

[Update] debunked … (was IBM layoffs to hit 25% or so of the company)

[Update] As I had wondered, and other suggested to me, this number (25%) was likely a click bait fabrication.
Forbes and others also “fell for it.”
I’ll admit I did as well. It was too large to ignore, but it also didn’t make sense. Close down mainframe and storage? Seriously?
Lets call this what it is, an internet rumor that was busted.
Paraphrasing Mark Twain “An internet rumor can travel around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes”.
My apologies to IBM for repeating the rumor.
=== old and busted below ===

Read more[Update] debunked … (was IBM layoffs to hit 25% or so of the company)