SC14 T minus 6 and counting

Scalable’s booth is #3053. We’ll have some good stuff, demos, talks, and people there. And coffee. Gotta have the coffee. More soon, come by and visit us! Viewed 70757 times by 9395 viewers

massive unapologetic firepower part 2 … the dashboard …

For Scalable Informatics Unison product. The whole system: Watching writes go by: Note the sustained 40+ GB/s. This is a single rack sinking this data, and no SSDs in the bulk data storage path. This dashboard is part of the day job’s FastPath product. Viewed 104467 times by 9605 viewers

Updated boot tech in Scalable OS (SIOS)

This has been an itch we’ve been working on scratching a few different ways, and its very much related to forgoing distro based installers. Ok, first the back story. One of the things that has always annoyed me about installing systems has been the fundamental fragility of the OS drive. It doesn’t matter if its […]

Comcast disabled port 25 mail on our business account

We have a business account at home. I work enough from home that I can easily justify it. Fixed IP, and I run services, mostly to back up my office services. One of those services is SMTP. I’ve been running an SMTP server, complete with antispam/antivirus/… for years. Handles backup for some domains, but is […]

Massive, unapologetic, firepower: 2TB write in 73 seconds

A 1.2PB single mount point Scalable Informatics Unison system, running an MPI job (io-bm) that just dumps data as fast as the little Infiniband FDR network will allow. Our test case. Write 2TB (2x overall system memory) to disk, across 48 procs. No SSDs in the primary storage. This is just spinning rust, in a […]

Doing what we are passionate about

I am lucky. I fully admit this. There are people out there whom will tell you that its pure skill that they have been in business and been successful for a long time. Others will admit luck is part of it, but will again, pat themselves on the back for their intestinal fortitude. Few will […]

Calxeda restructures

The day job had been talking to and working with Calxeda for a while. They’ve been undergoing some changes over the last few months as they worked to transition from an evangelist to a systems builder. The day job just got a note that they are restructuring. What this specifically means to an outsider, I […]

Day job at HPC on Wall Street on Monday the 9th

We’ll be showing off 2 appliances, with a change of what we are showing/announcing on one due to something not being ready on the business side. The first one is our little 108 port siRouter box. Think ‘bloody fast NAT’ and SDN in general, you can run other virtual/bare metal apps atop it. The second […]