Update on IPMI Console Logger

Config now comes from some nice and simple json, and it handles multiple machines with aplomb. See the git repository for the latest. The config file example is in there, and you can replicate the n01-ipmi section with more nodes trivially. Coming next is getting config from a trusted web server, along with registering the […]

… and the positions are now, finally open …

See the Systems Engineering position here, and the System Build Technician position here. I’ll get these up on the InsideHPC.com site and a few others soon (tomorrow). But they are open now. For the Systems Engineering position, we really need someone in NYC area with a strong financial services background … Doug made me take […]

Massive. Unapologetic. Firepower. 24GB/s from siFlash

Oh yes we did. Oh yes. We did. This is the fastest storage box we are aware of, in market. This is so far outside of ram, and outside of OS and RAID level cache … [root@siFlash ~]# fio srt.fio … Run status group 0 (all jobs): READ: io=786432MB, aggrb=23971MB/s, minb=23971MB/s, maxb=23971MB/s, mint=32808msec, maxt=32808msec This […]

We built that: 10 years in business

[warning: longer post] I mentioned this on twitter (@sijoe). The day job has been in business for 10 years. We’ve not taken outside investment to date, and we’ve not sold the company yet. We’ve been profitable and growing continuously during our lifetime. The preceding 3 years have seen growth, accelerating hard. The company was built […]

Day job PR: JRTI and Scalable Informatics Form Strategic Partnership

Will be up on the day job site tomorrow. We are very excited by these developments, and look forward to a productive relationship JRTI and Scalable Informatics Form Strategic Partnership to Provide High Performance Storage and CPU & GPU Clusters to Organizations Seeking Exceptional Results Richmond, Virginia (January 18, 2011)-James River Technical, Inc (JRTI), specialists […]

This is good news

Univa grabs GridEngine. Specifically: The company will immediately offer superior engineering support for Grid Engine versions already installed and will publish a Univa version of Grid Engine before the end of Q1 2011. Univa will concentrate on improving Grid Engine for technical computing and HPC use cases in addition to promoting the continuity of the […]

Auto industry? What auto industry?

Here in Detroit, we have the big 3 … Ford, GM, and Chrysler. Well, maybe no longer. This morning the government passed judgment on this industry, which had been requesting capital to survive, as the credit markets, despite protestations to the contrary from various sources, is still frozen … and they (and all other businesses) […]

HPC in the critical path

Is high performance computing a critical path technology? Is it a technology that you cannot do without? This is a question some potential partners were discussing this evening. Very interesting question. If HPC is not critical, then demand for it should be quite moderate. If it is not critical, then the market would have basically […]

Is a cluster a toaster?

At the excellent Cluster Monkey Doug Eadline mused on a number of topics of interest, specifically on why Cluster HPC is hard. There were some excellent points made. The OSC is working on an initiative to increase access to high performance computing resources for end users. Their effort is in part by making access to […]