Updated net-tools bits

So far, 3 components, and working to fix a few things in formatting. On github, grab it here. First, lsbond.pl to report about bond details root@unison-mgr-1:~/net-tools# ./lsbond.pl bond0: mac 0c:c4:7a:48:69:cb state up mode fault-tolerance (active-backup) xmit_hash layer2 0 active slave eth1 polling 100 ms up_delay 200 ms down_delay 200 ms slave nics: eth1: mac 0c:c4:7a:48:69:cb, […]

SIOS v2.0 running pxe booted

Our SIOS (Linux based OS, usually based upon Debian) has just been updated for jessie (Debian 8). This was necessary to support rkt, docker, etc. in addition to our other bits. Its been cooking in the background for a while, for, as you might have noticed from my posting frequency, I’ve been busy. But we […]

stateless booting

A problem I’ve been working on dealing with for a while has been the sad … well … no … terrible state of programmatically configured Linux systems, where the state is determined from a central (set of) source(s) via configuration databases, and NOT by local stateful configuration files. Madness lies in wait for those choosing […]

Systemd, and the future of Linux init processing

An interesting thing happened over the last few months and years. Systemd, a replacement init process for Linux, gained more adherents, and supplanted the older style init.d/rc scripting in use by many distributions. Ubuntu famously abandoned init.d style processing in favor of upstart and others in the past, and has been rolling over to systemd. […]

Mixing programming languages for fun and profit

I’ve been looking for a simple HTML5-ish way to represent our disk drives in our Unison units. I’ve been looking for some simple drawing libraries in javascript to make this higher level, so I don’t have to handle all the low level HTML5 bits. I played with Raphael and a few others (including paper.js). I […]

New monitoring tool, and a very subtle bug

I’ve been working on coding up some additional monitoring capability, and had an idea a long time ago for a very general monitoring concept. Nothing terribly original, not quite nagios, but something easier to use/deploy. Finally I decided to work on it today. The monitoring code talks to a graphite backend. Could talk to statsd, […]

InfluxDB cli is up on github

I know there is a node version, and I did try it before I wrote my own. Actually, the reason I wrote my own was that I tried it and … well … Link is here. And yes, the readme is borked about 1/2 way through. Doesn’t quite show the formatting of the output quite […]

Have a nice cli for InfluxDB

I tried the nodejs version and … well … it was horrible. Basic things didn’t work. Made life very annoying. So, being a good engineering type, I wrote my own. It will be up on our site soon. Here’s an example ./influxdb-cli.pl –host –user test –pass test –db metrics metrics> \list series .———————————-. | […]