Been there, done that, even have a patent on it

I just saw this about doing a divide and conquer approach to massive scale genomics calculation. While not specific to the code in question, it looked familiar. Yeah, I think I’ve seen something like this before … and wrote the code to do it. It was called SGI GenomeCluster. It was original and innovative at […]

M&A fallout: Cisco may have ditched Invicta after buying Whiptail

Article is here, take it as a rumor until we hear from them. My comments: First, M&A is hard. You need a good fit product wise (little overlap and great complementary functions/capabilities), and a culture/people fit matter. Second, sales teams need to be on-board selling complete solutions involving the acquired tech. Sometimes this doesn’t happen, […]

M&A or more correctly, acqui-hire: Cray bags much of Terascala

Terascala appears to have been disassembled, with much of the team going to Cray. Terascala started out selling internally developed storage appliances for Lustre. They developed deployment, monitoring, and management tools. Their UI was reasonably good. Then they struck up a deal with Dell and a few others. In doing so, they largely stopped their […]

Potential M&A: Micron being pursued

I was heads down all day yesterday working on a few things. Apparently this is widely known now, but I saw it late last night. Micron is being pursued by a group affiliated with Tsinghua University. There is a political angle to this group, as they are connected to the government through their management. Why […]

M&A [RUMOR]: Cisco grabs Nutanix

[update] TL;DR this appears to be rumor/speculation. One would think that such an acquisition would be prominent on Nutanix’s web site. Its April fools, in May. /sigh Huge in the hyperconverged space (which, not so curiously, is where the day job is), and its setting up the battle lines between the major software/hardware players. Cisco […]

Thoughts after a small capital raise

So the day job did a small capital raise. Not a huge amount, but helpful for some day to day stuff. We did this in part because a larger effort we were working on stalled for reasons I won’t go into here. Looking at where we are and where we need to be, I am […]

Interesting Q1 so far for day job

Our Q1 is usually quiet, fairly low key. Not this one. Looks like lots of pent up demand. We are deep into record territory, running 200+% of normal, with possibility of more. Another new wrinkle is that our small investment round is mostly complete. This is new territory for us, and you may have noticed […]

Memory channel flash: is it over?

[full disclosure: day job has a relationship with Diablo] Russell just pointed this out to me. The short (pedestrian) version (I’ve got no information that is not public, so I can’t disclose something I don’t know anyway): Netlist filed a patent infringement suit against Diablo, and then included SanDisk as they bought Smart Storage, whom […]

M&A in our space

The day job’s products have never been stronger, fit together as well, or had as great a story arc as they do today. We can deliver denser, faster, easier to setup and manage systems quite easily. Our application stacks run atop this system on our ample computing power, and we provide massive network pipes in/out, […]